3D Printed Fashion Community

We are in the process of building an active community that is passionate about fashion, 3D printing and sustainability. To achieve this, we work closely with the non-profit Berlin association InMOE e.V.Contact us and find out how you can get involved.

Experiment and create

We love discussing new tech fashion trends, creating new clothes with our own hands and with new technology. We don't just want to follow trends, we want to bring them into the world ourselves.

Regular offline meetings

We believe that regular events and meetings where people can see and feel each other are necessary for an inspiring community. Joy, inspiration and long-term collaboration is our goal.Our offline meetings take place in Berlin and are organized together the non-profit association InMOE e.V.


We want to work together to experiment more, achieve more and have more fun. 

Sharing tools

Machines and materials are expensive, we offer our members the opportunity to use our machines and thus save costs and still try out new technologies.


Lifelong learning and especially learning from each other are the keys to success. We strengthen each other through regular training and knowledge sharing. Active members receive exclusive opportunities and discounts to take part in sought-after workshops.

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