3D Printing Courses

We are working hard to offer you many exciting online and offline courses on 3D printing in the context of fashion. Please be patient a little longer. Here are already some workshops you may participate in.

Hot Fusing Workshops for Fashion Designer

This course is specifically aimed at fashion designers.
The course covers 3D printing and 3D modeling basics in much more detail.
Participants will learn about different types of plastic and materials in the context of 3D printing.
At the end there will be a project work where the participants will create a piece of clothing, such as a skirt or a bra.

Kinky Printing Workshop

Learn 3D-Printing the kinky way. A unique workshop in Berlin. Participants bring a kinky outfit, that they've worn many times and are bored of, to the workshop.
They learn the basics of 3D modeling and 3D printing and afterwards upgrade their outfits with 3D printed ornaments.

InMOE 3D Printing & Fashion Upgrading Workshop

Participats bring old clothes that they no longer wear to the workshop. They will learn the basics of 3D modeling and 3D printing. Afterwards, they'll work out how to make your clothes enjoyable to wear again with 3D printed enhancements.

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